Memory Care in Utah County

Our Memory Care Unit was designed to meet the needs of cognitively impaired individuals not eligible for Traditional Assisted Living. The primary goal of our dedicated memory care unit is to help our residents achieve the best quality of life possible. Care is individually centered and offers resident’s safety, security, medical care, emotional support, reasonable privacy, access to appropriate activities, and assistance with the activities of daily life.

The Value Of Memory Care Services

We understand the difficulties endured while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments and dementia. That is why our focus is on training our staff in the latest, most effective means of evidence-based practice in caring for those with these special needs. We continuously research ways to involve residents in everyday activities they enjoy and can feel successful at, in specially designed surroundings that are both safe and stimulating. It is challenging, yet rewarding, as we see many successes in creating a positive environment for each individual’s daily routine.

Why A Memory Care Facility Is Important

  • Residents in a memory care unit need a familiar secure environment.
  • The value of having personal and treasured items in their rooms is important.
  • The maintenance of family relationships with the residents and staff is also an important aspect of the memory care unit, one that we value and respect.
  • Specially designed activities that meet the needs of residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory related needs.
Memory Care

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